Former Lab Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

Akshay Bhardwaj

Akshay Bhardwaj

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan (defended 2021)

Akshay’s research focuses on studying the human behavior when humans physically interact with automation, and on designing automation system that can safely and efficiently collaborate with humans. His PhD research focused on the development of steering assistance and augmentation systems for semi-autonomous vehicles.

Graduate Students


Kevin Lieberman

Ph.D. Graduate (defended 2022)

Thesis Topic: Supporting Trust Calibration and Attention Management in Human‐Machine Teams Through Training and Real‐Time Feedback on Estimated Performance

Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas

Master’s Graduate (2022)

Person Headshot

Yidu Lu

Ph.D. Graduate (defended 2020)

User Experience Researcher at TikTok

Thesis Topic: Detecting and overcoming trust miscalibration in real time using an eye-tracking based technique

Yuzhi Wan

Yuzhi Wan

Ph.D. Graduate (defended 2019)

User Experience Research Associate at Google

Thesis Topic: Identifying and overcoming attention limitations in the detection and identification of alarms in close temporal proximity (PDF)

Julie Prinet

Julie Prinet

Ph.D. Graduate (defended 2016)

Now at McKinsey & Company

Thesis Topic: Attentional Narrowing: Triggering, Detecting and Overcoming a Threat to Safety (PDF)


Brandon Pitts

Ph.D. Graduate (defended 2016)

Assistant Professor at Purdue University

Thesis Topic: Age-related Differences in Multimodal Information Processing and their Implications for Adaptive Display design (PDF)


Nadine Moacdieh

Ph.D. Graduate (defended 2015)

Assistant Professor at the American University of Beirut

Thesis Topic: Eye Tracking: A Promising Means of Tracing, Explaining, and Preventing the Performance Effects of Display Clutter in Real Time (PDF)


Sara Lu Riggs

Ph.D. Graduate (defended 2014)

Associate Professor at University of Virginia

Thesis Topic: Tactile and Crossmodal Change Blindness and their Implications for Display Design (PDF)


Huiyang Li

Ph.D. Graduate (defended 2012)

Assistant Professor at SUNY Binghamton

Thesis Topic: Supporting Human-Machine Collaboration in Complex Systems through Dynamic Function Allocation Schemes and Interfaces (PDF)


Swapnaa Jayaraman

Ph.D. Graduate (defended 2010)

Research Associate and Lecturer at the University Indiana – Bloomington

Thesis Topic: Supporting Attention Management Through Graded Peripheral-Visual and Tactile Feedback (PDF)


Thomas Ferris

Ph.D. Graduate (defended 2010)

Associate Professor at Texas A&M University

Thesis Topic: Supporting Attention Management for Anesthesia Providers Through Complex Graded Vibrotactile Displays (PDF)

Student Researchers

Hanna Dong, B.S.E., Industrial & Operations Engineering (Winter 2022)

Grace Miller, B.S., Cognitive Science (Winter 2021)

Christopher Cardoso, B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2018)

Jad Raphael Mansour, B.S.E., Industrial Engineering, American University of Beirut (Winter 2018)

Alexander Mize, B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2018)

Brian Anthony M.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2010)

Ivan Collado B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2013)

Jessica De Jong, B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2014)

Vincent Giang B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, (Winter 2013)

Richard Ho B.S.E., Interdisciplinary Program (Summer 2010; now at Charles River Analytics)

Chihiro Jimbo, M.S.I., School of Information (Winter 2015)

Harry Kim B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2012)

Marie Lacabanne (Visiting Scholar from Université Toulouse II)

Katherine Lu, M.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2013; now at Wooga)

Shameem Hameed, M.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (now at Apple)

Shannon Pawloski B.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2014)

Christine Rockwell, B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2014)

Kiana Stringfield B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2009)

Andrew Terhune B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2011; now at Schlumberger)

Steven Terryn, B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (expected Winter 2017)

Kathryn Tippey M.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2012; now a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M)

Deni Vanpelt B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2015)

Jing Wang, M.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2016)

Jasmine Way M.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2011; now a Fulbright fellow)

Stephanie Widrig B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2012)

Ilir Xholi B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering (Winter 2010 and now at BlackRock Investment Management)

Simulation Developers

Rohith Kesamneni, B.S. Computer Science (Expected Graduation: May 2024)

Christopher Lee, B.S. Computer Science (May 2022)

Vikram Mathew, B.S, Mathematics, Economics (Minor), and Computer Science (Minor) (Fall 2020)

Derek Witcpalek, B.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2020)

Tejas Harith, B.S.E., Computer Engineering (Fall 2020)

William Hampton, M.S.E., Robotics (Winter 2020)

Brandon Kayes, B.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2021)

Snigdhaa Hasija, M.S.E., Electrical Engineering (Winter 2019)

Archibald Hauck, B.S.E., Computer Science (Fall 2018)

Aditya Mannari, B.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2020)

Kevin Zhao, B.S.E., Computer Science (Fall 2017)

Kejia Xu, B.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2017)

Jacob Durrah, B.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2017)

John Knudson, B.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2017)

Nick Cruz, B.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2016)

Brett Jia, B.S.E. and B.B.S., Computer Science and Ross School of Business (Winter 2016)

Noah Klugman B.S.E., Computer Engineering (Winter 2014; now pursuing a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering)

Hari Bharath Molabanti M.S.E., Electrical Engineering (Winter 2010; now at Microsoft)

Joe Phillips M.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2014; now at Microsoft)

Clif Reeder B.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2011)

Khevna Shah B.S.E., Computer Science (Winter 2012)